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Maressa Brown

An online & print journalist with over a decade of professional experience writing, reporting, and editing women's lifestyle (e.g. health, love/sex, beauty/style) and pop culture content.


10 Things No One Tells You About Having a Second Baby

You will forget you're pregnant until week 37. Remember all the things you were consumed with during pregnancy no. 1? The hospital bag, the cute newborn outfits, the Pinterest boards of nursery decorations, the lovely baby shower with the gluten-free mini cupcakes, the prenatal yoga classes and massages to loosen everything up ~just right~?
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What You Need to Know If You Aren't Sure You Want Kids

Last night, as I hosed paint off of the deck because my 3-year-old decided to dump it over her head like the Ice Bucket Challenge, I thought to myself: "Why the hell did I have kids?" Five years ago, I was ready and eager to be a mom, excited to make room for children in my life. But even though I went into it totally committed I still wasn't aware how much work they are.
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Maressa Brown

Whether I'm reporting on women's health research by interviewing medical experts, doing one-on-one interviews with celebrities like Jennifer Garner or Selena Gomez, or creating in-depth, visually-appealing features on red carpet or fitness trends, my copy is conversational and substantive. I'm also a media-trained journalist comfortable being on-camera, having represented CafeMom's The Stir in both live and taped-to-air segments as host of "The Daily Stir" web series and a commentator on Good Morning America, HuffPost Live, and CafeMom's "Moms Matter" Google Hangouts series.



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