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I Went To 'Bachelor' Contestant Danielle L.'s Nail Salon

On this season of The Bachelor, Nick Viall is whittling down a house full of brilliant and beautiful women all vying for his heart, and among them, there are two Danielles: Danielle M., a neonatal nurse from Nashville, and Danielle L., The Bachelor's small business owner from Los Angeles. In her Bachelor bio, the latter — who is also thought to be one of Nick's frontrunners — says her greatest accomplishment was opening her own business at just 23 years old.
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'Mad Men' Makeup Artist Spills Her Beauty Secrets for Betty, Peggy & Joan (PHOTOS)​

Mad Men's season 7 (part 2) premiere is almost here, and you know what that means. Every time we get our fix of the period drama series, we're inspired by the stunning '60s (or perhaps now '70s ...?!) fashion and beauty looks the leading ladies are bound to flaunt. This time, we actually got the backstage scoop from Mad Men's makeup artist Lana Horochowski.
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10 Breast Cancer Survivors' Mastectomy Tattoos That Are Stunning & Inspiring (PHOTOS)

Every October, we have a national conversation about breast cancer and what we can do to further understanding, awareness, and acceptance. But every month of the year, breast cancer patients are battling and surviving. And every month of the year, women undergo mastectomies -- during which breast tissue and sometimes nipples are removed -- as a result of the disease.
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5 Golden Globe 2014 Looks We Adored & 5 Others We Just Abhorred (PHOTOS)

A veritable who's who of Hollywood hit up the Beverly Hilton last night for the 2014 Golden Globes, and as usual, it felt like the Super Bowl for people who love fashion. We were keeping score, and for as many glamorous, gorgeous, show-stopping gowns that made their way down the red carpet, there were an equal number of total trainwreck disasters we're still cringing over.
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Biting the Bullet on This 'Embarrassing' Beauty Treatment Changed My Life

Let's be honest: New Year's resolutions are often linked to how we feel ... and look. Too bad we have such a screwed up perception of beauty, making things so much harder. Not only do we feel like we have to look like women who are often airbrushed, but we're often too proud to "resort" to plastic surgery or other cosmetic treatments.
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6 Wedding Style Mistakes Brides Are Still Kicking Themselves For (PHOTOS)

Brides have said it before, and they'll say it again: Regardless of how chill or relaxed or "whatever" you are going into it, it's shocking how the process of picking out a wedding dress is different from picking out any other outfit you've ever worn in your entire life. The dress is obviously the big ticket item, but it's quite normal to find yourself obsessing over all the other details, too -- from shoes to earrings, I sweat bullets over almost every accessory.
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8 Simple Beauty Tricks That Make It Easy To Go (Almost) Makeup-Free

Of course it can be liberating and empowering to step out wearing absolutely no makeup whatsoever, baring your naked face to the world. Feeling pressured to wear makeup to feel presentable or finding yourself feeling completely insecure without it just plain sucks. But sometimes, just one product or quickie beauty tip can make a world of difference in how you look and feel, while still allowing you to flaunt a (mostly) makeup-free look.
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Oscars 2015: The Gowns That Set the Night on Fire (PHOTOS)

Sum up the fashion of the 87th Oscars in two words? Oh, sure, there were classic black, white, and black and white gowns (Margot Robbie -- love! Patricia Arquette!) , gowns made of pearls (Lupita!) , a good deal of pink (Zoe Saldana, Gwyneth, Viola Davis!). But when the stars took to the biggest red carpet of the year tonight, a jaw-dropping number of 'em rocked ravishing red gowns -- and even tuxes!
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10 Tips for Making Metallic Makeup Look Naturally Stunning (PHOTOS)

Whether you're looking for a sultry, shimmery look for New Year's Eve or simply making a resolution to switch up your makeup regimen in 2015, the metallic makeup trend is one bandwagon you'll want to consider hopping on. The look has been showing up everywhere lately -- from red carpets to fashion runways and in celeb selfies (yes, we're looking at you, Kim Kardashian) galore.
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20 Hot Halloween Couples Costumes (PHOTOS)

Whether you're invited to a Halloween party, hosting one yourself, or just prefer to answer the door for trick-or-treaters in style, it never hurts to coordinate your costume with your spouse! Sure, if you want to do your best Elsa from Frozen (for the kids, of course!) while he's more interested in paying homage to his favorite Marvel superhero, that's cool.
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'Wake Me Up When I'm Skinny' T-Shirt Is the Last Thing a Pregnant Woman Needs (PHOTOS)

If you thought ridiculous novelty t-shirts were only reserved for the racks of department store juniors' sections, gag gift emporium Spencer's, and anywhere cruises dock, you are gravely mistaken, my friend. Apparently, maternity chain A Pea in the Podalso has 'em, and their kind are made just for expectant moms.
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Men Tell Us How They Really Feel About Women Wearing Makeup

We may be living in the year 2014, but plenty of conversations we continue to have sound like they could've been scripted into an episode of Mad Men. Believe it or not, some people still feel that women should wear makeup every day to keep their men happy. Is that a neurotic belief only women stuck in a Betty Draper mindset would subscribe to?
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